Thursday, 13 August 2015

Nicole Zaira Miller - lostintalent


I’ve been working on a new segment for a while, and its finally here:Stalking Models.
Stalking Models is as it says, I’ll be bring you interviews and photos, all the news from the horse’s mouth, that is straight from the models, oh they look nothing like horses; its an expression! 
Why? Because we all love a PRETTY face, No?
Without further ado, I bring to you, lostintalent’s first model feature,Nicole Zaira Miller, aspiring UK based model.
What three words best describe you? Eccentric. Down to Earth. Caring.
Her Story
Well I got scouted at first, into an agency, I worked with a lot of people, and then my contract ended with the modelling agency, and then they wanted me to sign another but I refused because the ratio of the money they were getting from mine was far too much. So I decided to do individual work with a lot of photographers that I had already met.
What are the best and worst bits about being a model? Best is the clothes, getting your hair, and make up done. The worst is the stress of being places on time, dealing with people you don’t like, and trying to stay professional at all times.
How do you deal with all the trials: tough times? Yeah they are nerve wrecking but you learn to cope with them and how to deal with them the more you go to them.
What are your aspirations? To get big! 
Who is your all time favourite model?  Adriana Lima, she is my inspiration! Why? Her beauty is unbearable and through her work you can tell she has that model quality naturally. She is also Brazilian which links to me; I’m part Brazilian.
What do you usually wear off duty? I usually wear anything I like. I don’t have a specific style, I follow what I like, I could go into one shop and like something from there and buy it, then go into a complete opposite shop that I’d just been in and buy something I like from there. My taste varies.
What pieces have you just wanted to steal from shoots/shows?Nearly all of them. 
Favourite label? Vivienne Westwood
Favourite country to work in: England
What is the funniest or most exciting or embarrassing thing that has happened in your career so far? I had to wrap a sheet around me for a shoot, and it accidentally fell off and I didnt have anything underneath, but I quickly pulled it up again, we all laughed and there was other models watching too. But it was no biggy.
How do you stay trim? I don’t really exercise I just have a lot of fruit which I enjoy eating and I love salads too. But I also eat a lot of junk food, I have a fast metabolism.
Wise Words
If you’re trying to reach whatever you want to reach, it’s possible.Hard work pays off. Always.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hottest Woman - Sibylla Deen currently to be seen as Ankhe in Tut

Sibylla Deen was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. From a young age, Sibylla showed a keen interest in acting. From the age of 9, she was appearing in Australian TV commercials and modeling campaigns. She began her professional acting studies at age 12 traveling to the US, China and New Zealand with the Australian Youth Theatre. In 2003 she landed a role in the long-running Australian soap opera "Home and Away" (1988). Whilst working on the show she also completed a Bachelor of Arts degree (Communications - Theatre and Media) at Charles Sturt University. After moving to New York in 2009 Sibylla competed at International Modeling & Talent Association, winning Actor of the Year and a number of other awards. This led to a variety of minor film roles and other media assignments. In 2009 Sibylla was appointed Ambassador for 1 year for Forever New Clothing stores in Australia and in 2012 was the face of Pond's Freyja in India and the Middle East.

Hottest Woman 6/16/15 – SIBYLLA DEEN (Tyrant)!


Sibylla Deen is and Australian actress from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

She is half-Pakistani and half-English. Deen is known for playing Amber McNeil on the TV seriesHome and Away. Sibylla will soon take on the role of Ankhe on the Spike TV series Tut, and can currently be seen playing the role of Nusrat Al-Fayeed on the FX TV series Tyrant.
Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe  Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhesibylla-deen Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe
Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheSibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-AnkheMV5BNzE3MTk2MDM2Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzE2NjQxMjE@__V1__SX1223_SY590_
Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe-season2-episode1Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe-season2Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe-season2Sibylla-Deen-sexy-hot-Tyrant-Nusrat-Al-Fayeed-Tut-Ankhe-season2